Webbing Products Protective Sleeving Construction and Materials:


Initially provided to the market as a polyamide sleeve with full flame retardant and anti-static properties, the company has expanded its protective sleeving range to include a wider range of alternative solutions to meet differing customer requirements. 

The protective sleeving range now includes polyamide and polyester equivalents, available in full flame retardant and anti-static or flame retardant-only options. This allows the customer to select the option most suited to their application.

Our polyamide protective sleeving is manufactured using twisted continuous polyamide yarn, which is tightly woven to provide superior strength, impact resistance, and abrasion characteristics compared to other standard and texturised yarns. The polyamide, in combination with the construction method, provides the highest abrasion resistance of the two ranges. 

The recommended temperature working range for the protective sleeving is 40°C to 125°C with peaks of short duration up to 200°C for polyamide and 230°C for polyester.

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