Webbing Products is pleased to announce the launch of its new high performance line-of-sight protective sleeving range.

The new line-of-sight range raises the bar in terms of performance over its existing protective sleeving range. This specialist product improves on the levels of resistance in terms of abrasion but more importantly provides higher levels of protection against both burst and pin hole resistance and exceeds the requirements for line-of-sight operator protection (EN982, EN414, EN ISO Regulation 3457:2008).

The sleeve is designed to contain the damage relating to a burst or pin hole and to allow the excess hydraulic fluid to seep through the sleeve and slowly escape the hydraulic system. This prevents further pressure build up and alerts the user of damage to the hydraulic hose.

The use of dope dyed yarns together with specialised weaving and finishing applications provides for a superior product providing amongst the best protection available. The products provide good resistance to chemical and other contaminants.

The range is available in a wide variety of widths in:

  • flame retardant polyester
  • flame retardant and anti-static polyester
  • flame retardant nylon
  • flame retardant and anti-static nylon

Thus ensuring the availability of products to best suit the requirements of the end user.

MSHA approved and MSTC compliant, the range is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Key features and benefits

  • Manufactured from densely woven polyester or twisted nylon.
  • Specifically designed to safely allow hydraulic fluid to escape after containing damage caused by burst or pin hole.
  • MSHA approved and MSTC compliant.
  • Meets line-of-sight operator protection per EN982, EN414 and EN ISO Regulation 3457
  • UV, abrasion and wear resistant.
  • Meets flame retardancy standard ISO 8030.
  • Meets abrasion standard ISO 6805.
  • Antistatic versions meet conductivity standard ISO 8031.

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