Ensuring Hydraulic Safety: The Critical Role of Webbing Products Protective Sleeving in Pinhole and Burst Suppression


🌟 Hydraulic systems are the lifeblood of industries but can be hazardous when they fail. Best practice is for the installation of woven protective sleeving over the hydraulic hoses as a first line of defense. Our testing shows that many sleeves supplied into industry fail to offer the promised protection in pinhole and burst suppression.  If you want to ensure your employees’ safety and avoid the risk of legal liability for injuries, then ensure your sleeving does what the manufacturer says it will. Webbing Products rigorous in-house testing ensures our sleeving is top of class and what we sample is what you will get.  

🔍 Pinhole suppression is your first line of defense against those inconspicuous leaks that can wreak havoc, compromising efficiency and increasing maintenance costs.

⚠️ Pinhole leaks within hydraulic hoses are a hidden hazard, often going unnoticed until it’s too late. This can lead to serious consequences for operators.

💥 Burst suppression is your last line of defense against catastrophic hose bursts, ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment.

🧐 While others make claims, our high-pressure tests prove the reliability of Webbing Products Protective Sleeving.

⚙️ Quality and integrity matter when it comes to protective sleeving. Regular inspections and investing in top-notch materials are non-negotiable for ensuring the safety and reliability of your hydraulic systems.

👷 Let’s prioritize safety in every hydraulic operation. The stakes are too high to ignore the importance of protective sleeving.

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