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Industrial Tie Down Webbing

The industrial tie down range offers a tightly woven surface area to improve resistance against penetration from dirt and foreign particles, allowing the webbing to remain uncompromised during application.

Webbing lashings offer high system strengths that are easy to handle and use, provides easy storage after application and is less damaging to cargo and load surface. The soft to the touch webbings provide a safe working environment for attaching hardware as well as tensioning the tie down straps. The low elongation factor, especially in heavy duty industrial webbing, allows for limited load movement and settling during transit.

Lashing straps are a safe and effective way to control cargo and equipment movement during various modes of transport.

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Key Features
• Plant geared for high volume production
• Low elongation
• Minimal cargo movement
• Superior strength factors
• High abrasion resistance
• Soft touch – easy to work with
• UV and chemical resistance
• Low water absorption
• Non slip
• Easy to handle
• Reduced loading time
• Reduced damage to cargo
• Adaptable
• Easy storage

• Ratchet tie down straps from light to heavy duty
• Cam straps
• Winch straps
• Tent straps
• Roof racks
• Cargo nets
• Fastening and restriction of cargo movement
• Outdoor applications
• High abrasion applications
• Machinery moving