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Tie Down Webbing

Webbing Products manufactures an extensive range of cargo securement webbings from high tenacity polyester to meet both local and international standards. Differentiating break strengths are identified by the use of identity lines and colour codeding to customer specifications. The webbing is utilised with tie down hardware to secure cargo or equipment during road, rail or sea transit.

Powerite ® is a registered trademark of Webbing Products and includes a range of specialist webbing in the tie-down product series. The Powerite ® range of tie-down webbings start at 500 kg breaking strength through to the more common 5 and 6 ton webbings. Tie down lashings are sometimes referred to as ratchet webbing as it can be used with a variety of hardware including ratchets and hooks.

The full range of tie down webbings produced by Webbing Products includes:
Lightweight tie down webbing
Industrial tie down webbing
Powerite webbing
Furniture webbing

Cargo being transported in any mode is continually subjected to forces through load shift. This can lead to cargo movement which can cause significant damage to cargo, vehicle, property and possible accidents. It is therefore vital that cargo is properly secured throughout transit.

Webbing Products’ range of lashings are made from high tenacity polyester yarns, with a tight weave pattern, offering superior system strengths and yet remaining durable and versatile. The low elongation set into the polyester webbings, ensures cargo straps manufactured from the webbing remain secure and therefor safer, affording very little load movement.

Key Features
• Plant geared for high volume production
• Low elongation
• Minimal cargo movement
• Superior strength factors
• High abrasion resistance
• Soft touch – easy to work with
• UV and chemical resistance
• Low water absorption
• Non slip
• Easy to handle
• Reduced loading time
• Reduced damage to cargo
• Adaptable
• Easy storage

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Light Weight Tie Down Webbing

Durable and versatile, Webbing Products lightweight tie down webbing range offers superior strength capabilities. The resistance to abrasion and…

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Industrial Tie Down Webbing

The industrial tie down range produced by Webbing Products, offer a tightly woven surface area to improve resistance against penetration from…

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Furniture Webbing


The Webbing Products range of furniture webbing is made from nylon yarns, making the webbing soft to the touch and far more elastic compare…

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Powerite ® is a registered trademark of Webbing Products and includes a range of specialist webbing in the tie-down product series…

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Webbing is often outfitted with various forms of tie down hardware to create tie down straps. The hardware allows for the tie down…

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Printed Webbing

Webbing Products Printed7

Webbing Products offers printing on a wide range of webbings, including but not limited to tie down, safety and….

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• Ratchet tie down straps from light to heavy duty
• Cam straps
• Winch straps
• Tent straps
• Roof racks
• Cargo nets
• Fastening and restriction of cargo movement
• Outdoor applications
• High abrasion applications
• Machinery moving


Technical Data

Tie down webbings produced by Webbing Products are made from industrial high tenacity polyester yarns.
Each type of webbing is coded for identification
purposes. The company also offers custom made webbings and printing to customer specifications.


Safety is a key element in terms of the products
offered, with the company able to conduct on site
tensile testing up to 60 tons. ISO 9001:2008
accreditation by Dekra ensures the highest quality standards, service reliability and customer peace
of mind.The in-house laboratory supports
continuous product testing during the
manufacturing process, thus allowing for
consistent quality and specification adherence.