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Tear Webbings

Webbing Products is a renowned manufacturer of tear webbings. Tear webbings, otherwise known as shock absorbers, are especially designed for fall protection.

With superior strength and excellent elongation due to its unique design, tear webbing has the ability to withstand high impact pressure thus preventing serious injury during a fall. The tear webbing is made with 2 woven pieces, interwoven face-to-face along a partial length, to form an adsorbing pocket.

The Webbing Products’ range of tear webbing lends itself to a variety of applications where shock is to be absorbed in a controlled manner. The fall is not stopped abruptly, thus minimising injury with gradual deceleration taking place as the progressive tearing of the webbing irreversibly absorbs the kinetic energy of the fall.

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Key Features
• Maximum energy absorption due to unique design
• High tenacity yarns used
• High strength factors
• No rebound effect
• Minimised injury due to reduced acceleration
• Adherence to fall protection standards

• Fall protection harness
• Height safety harness