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Safety Webbing

Safety webbings are utilised in the manufacture of harnesses for personal protection while working at heights or in dangerous situations where fall prevention is necessary e.g. air and sea rescue, construction and in mining industries.

Webbing Products is a major supplier of safety harness webbings which are developed to surpass stringent market requirements for fall protection as well as international benchmarks for Personal Protection Equipment. Whilst made for safety, the webbings offer comfort and practicality.

The safety webbing range includes :
Safety Harness webbing – for the manufacture of body harnesses for personal protection applications
Tear webbing – for the manufacture of safety lanyards to reduce the force sustained during a fall

Key Features
• Allows for freedom of movement when harness is worn
• Exceeds local and international standards
• Tightly woven webbing that slides through hardware without snagging
• High abrasion resistance
• Exceptional UV properties
• Superior quality

• Height safety
• Fall arrest
• Rescue harness
• Work positioning – mine safety
• Restraint access
• Fall protection harness – parachute harness
• Crash safety harness
• Height safety harness

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The finished webbing is multifunctional, durable
and tested to conform to the most stringent quality specifications. ISO 9001:2008 accreditation by
Dekra ensures the highest quality standards,
service reliability and customer peace of mind.The
in-house laboratory supports continuous product
testing during the manufacturing process
ensure consistent quality and specification adherence.


Safety harness webbings are manufactured from
the highest quality polyester and polyamide yarns.
The dyeing equipment maintains consistent colour continuity which is also UV stabilised and colour-
fast to meet international specification standards.