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Specialised webbing for
military applications
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Specialised webbing for
military applications
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Military Webbing

Webbing Products offers specialised high specification products for use within military, marine and air force applications. The demands placed on uniforms and equipment in training and combat push product performance and reliability to the extreme.

Webbings must comply with the latest standards and specifications whilst providing confidence to the wearer, especially under extreme conditions. Webbing Products have developed highly sought after applications for the military and related industries and provide high quality webbing, excellent customer service and reliability. Each product is designed exactly to the relevant specifications, mandatory legislation and end user application of the product.

The Webbing Products range of military webbings include :
Belt webbing
Tent webbing
Backpack webbing
• Parachute webbing

Webbings predominately used in the military, marine and air force need to perform under any conditions. As trusted suppliers, Webbing Products military webbings exceed the standard requirements ensuring full compliance with specification. Webbings are provided in various colours with light fast and UV properties.

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Key Features
• Superior water, wind and environmental resistance
• Resistant to mildew and mould
• Resistant to most chemicals
• Low stretch and shrinkage
• High abrasion resistance
• High tensile strength
• Colour and light fastness capabilities
• Quick drying
• Strict specification compliance

• Harnesses
• Safety equipment
• Parachutes
• Tents
• Tarps
• Uniforms
• Helmets
• Backpacks
• Belt webbing



Belt Webbing

One of the main lines of military webbing supplied by Webbing Products, is belt webbings The webbing is made with a tight coarse weave…

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Tent Webbing

The Webbing Products range of tent webbings are made from high tenacity polyester yarns providing excellent UV stability under extreme…

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Back Pack Webbing

Backpack webbing produced by Webbing Products is a pebble-weave pattern, made out of high density polyester yarn…

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ISO 9001:2008 accreditation by Dekra ensures
the highest quality standards, service reliability and customer peace of mind.The in-house
laboratory supports continuous product testing
during the manufacturing process to ensure consistent quality and specification adherence.
Complete certification is offered with all military
spec webbings to ensure specification compliance.

Technical Data

Military webbings are made to exacting standards
and specifications with compliant raw materials.
The company also offers custom made webbings
to customer requirements.