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Simplex Webbing Range

The simplex webbing range from Webbing Products, is made from industrial high tenacity polyester. Webbings are colour coded according to International standards for ease of identification. The webbings are used to manufacture single layered flat lifting slings in various strength applications.

The flat webbing slings are suitable for general and industrial heavy lifting where a high safe working load is required from lightweight slings. The broad and flat load bearing surface of the high quality webbing, provides for a better grip over smooth and fragile loads. The webbing is as strong as steel yet lightweight, offering reduced risk of injury to hand or back and no damage to a load with painted or machined surface. Synthetic slings significantly reduce the risk of accidental incendiary occurrences, highly recommended for application on oil and gas rigs where there is a greater risk of fire.

Key Features
• Colour coded to European Standards for easy identification
• Significantly reduces risk of accidental incendiary occurrences
• Lightweight and soft as compared to chain or steel wire rope
o Minimal risk of injury during manual handling
o Less risk of back injury
o Lower shipping costs
o Less likely to cause injury if left hanging
• Supple and can adapt to fit the load without damage
• No corrosion
• Does not weaken with age
• Shock absorbing
• High strength to weight ratio
• Able to lift greasy or polished objects
• Broad and flat load bearing surface
• Reduced risk to abrasion

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