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Supreme quality curing tapes made
to exacting standards
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Cure Wrap Tapes

Webbing Products manufactures high performance cure wrap tapes used for the curing of rubber hoses and rollers during vulcanization as well as for various other curing and wrapping applications. The cure wrap tapes are made to exacting international standards using the latest high tenacity polyamide 66, to provide tapes capable of withstanding multiple vulcanizing cycles. The superior quality guarantees maximum strength and shrinkage is retained even after repeated applications thus ensuring the tape maintains its high quality even after multiple usage. Every metre provides maximum advantage.

The vast range of cure wrap tapes, depending on customer’ requirements include:
• Standard and soft edge tapes
• Widths varying from 50mm to 120mm

The Webbing Products’ range of curing and wrapping tapes have stable dimensions and a smooth appearance. This durability provides excellent thermal shrinking elements. These capabilities prevent damage to the hose. It is very important to achieve the best shrinking strength and pressure for the adhesive strength factor between the rubber and strength materials in the hose. Even after multiple usages, these very same results are realized.

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Key Features
• Widths from 50mm to 200mm
• Standard and soft edge tapes
• Multiple application usage
• Minimal adhesion
• Low shrinkage
• Even shrinking strength
• Upholds adhesive strength factor

• Coated
• Uncoated non-stick

The usages for cure wrap tapes include:
• Vulcanization
• Rubber rollers
• High pressure hoses
• Hydraulic hoses
• Automotive hoses
• Silicone hoses
• Flexible joins
• Expansions joints
• Other rubber products




Quality Assurance

ISO 9001:2008 accreditation by Dekra ensures the highest quality standards, service reliability and customer peace of mind.The in-house laboratory supports continuous product testing during the manufacturing process to ensure consistent quality and specification adherence.

Technical Data

The curing and wrapping tapes are manufactured
with the latest high tenacity polyamide 66 yarns
utilising latest weaving techniques.