Meters Produced

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Superior lifting solutions ...
safety is our number one priority
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Tie down


Specialists in cargo securement solutions …
meeting global standards
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Specialised webbing for
military applications
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Exceptional safety features
in seatbelt webbing
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harness webbing

A leader in safety harness
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wrap tapes

Supreme quality curing tapes made
to exacting standards
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For peace of mind
demand Powerite

Our Products

Safety webbing belts

Safety Webbing

Safety webbings are utilized in the manufacture of harnesses for personal protection while working at heights or in dangerous situations where fall prevention…

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Lifting belts straps slings

Lifting Webbing

Webbing Products is a supplier of superior quality flat and tubular lifting sling webbings. Webbings are colour coded in accordance with European regulations to indicate the safe working load…

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tie down straps webbing

Tie Down Webbing

Webbing Products manufactures an extensive range of cargo securement webbings from high tenacity polyester to meet both local and international standards. Differentiating break strengths…

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Army webbing straps

Military Webbing

Webbing Products offers specialised high specification products for use within military, marine and air force applications. The demands placed on uniforms and equipment in training and combat…

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cure webbing wrap tape

Cure Wrap Tapes

Webbing Products manufactures high performance cure wrap tapes used for the curing of rubber hoses and rollers during vulcanization as well as for various other curing and wrapping applications…

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Webbing for seat belts

Seatbelt Webbing

Webbing Products produces premium quality seatbelt webbing for excellent comfort and safety critical attributes. The seatbelt webbing is designed for either aeronautical or automotive …

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