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Frequently Asked Questions

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Customer Service

Who do I contact if I have an enquiry ?

We have local branch offices throughout South Africa. Please contact the branch closest to you – contact us.

Alternatively contact our customer service at …

Can I open an account ?

Yes you may. Please click on the credit application form.

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Do you have a quality system for your processes ?

The in-house laboratory supports continuous product testing during the manufacturing process to ensure consistent quality and specification adherence. The finished webbing
is multifunctional, durable and tested to conform to the most stringent quality specifications. ISO 9001:2008 accreditation by Dekra ensures the highest quality standards,
service reliability and customer peace of mind.


Lifting Solutions

Are your webbings colour coded ?

Webbings are colour coded in accordance with European regulations to indicate the safe working load limit (SWL) for slings used in general and industrial lifting.

Can I view the tensile testing process on site ?

With safety being our number one priority, we have the unique ability to conduct on site tensile testing up to 60tonne.

What does simplex webbing mean ?

Simplex webbings are used to manufacture single layered flat lifting slings in various strength applications. The flat webbing slings are suitable for general and industrial heavy
lifting where a high safe working load is required from lightweight slings.

What is duplex webbing ?

The duplex webbings are used to manufacture multi layered lifting slings. The duplex sling webbings are designed to give the maximum stitch efficiency when double ply
webbings are used in the sling. The Webbing Products duplex range has a high strength to weight ratio factor thus supporting a wide choice of lifting methods.

What type of webbing can I use to produce endless round slings ?

Webbing Products manufactures a standard economy tubular webbing range utilised in the production of endless round slings for application in rigging, towing, stage and entertainment productions, fit to lift any load without compromise or damage. The webbing has exceptional abrasion resistant capabilities and is an ideal lightweight alternative
to chain or wire slings.

Why should I use webbing slings ?

Webbing lifting slings have the following advantages …

Universal colour coding
• Colour coded for identification, even when dirty
• Significantly reduces risk of accidental incendiary occurrences
• Lightweight and soft as compared to chain or steel wire rope
o Minimal risk of injury during manual handling
o Less risk of back injury
o Lower shipping costs
o Less likely to cause injury if left swinging
• Supple and can adapt to fit the load without damage
• No corrosion
• Does not weaken with age
• Shock absorbing
• High strength to weight ratio
• Able to lift greasy or polished objects
• Wide, flat load bearing surface
• Reduced risk to abrasion
• Wide choice of lifting methods
• Light and flexible for access in awkward situations


Safety Webbings

Are your safety webbings colour fast ?

Our continuous dyeing equipment maintains consistent colour continuity which is UV stabilised and colour fast to meet international specification standards

Do you provide webbing with any special finishes ?

Safety harness webbings can be supplied with customer specific requirements. Any type of additional finish is possible with state of the art equipment at hand.

What is tear webbing used for ?

Tear webbings, otherwise known as shock absorbers, are especially designed for fall protection. With superior strength and excellent elongation due to its unique design, tear
webbing has the ability to withstand high impact pressure thus preventing serious injury during a fall. The tear webbing is made with 2 woven pieces, interwoven face-to-face
along a partial length, to form an adsorbing pocket.

Can you provide safety webbings with identification lines or marks ?

Yes Webbing Products has a product range with standard markings – see product range…

But custom made designs are possible with colours, patterns and markings. Contact us for samples

I want my company details printed on the webbing. Can you help ?

Yes we most certainly can. Company name, details, logo can be printed on webbing in colours and designs of your choice. See examples of printed safety webbings …

What are the key features of your safety webbings ?

• Allows for freedom of movement when harness is worn
• Exceeds local and international standards
• Tightly woven webbing that slides through hardware without snagging
• High abrasion resistance
• Exceptional UV properties
• Superior quality


Tie Down Webbings

Does your tie down webbing have reduced elongation properties  ?

Webbing Products has a modern state of the art finishing equipment that heat sets webbing during the dyeing process to reduce elongation. This process limits stretch of the
finished product even when exposed to extreme temperatures and weather conditions.

Once strapped, cargo in transit settles down. Does the webbing become loose ?

No. Polyester restraint webbing when tensioned correctly, has 8-10% elasticity and allows for load settling or in-transit movement so the cargo is still securely strapped
even after the load settles.

What is Powerite webbing ?

Powerite is a registered trademark of Webbing Products for a range of specialist low elongation webbing for cargo restraint solutions that start at a breaking strength of 500kg
through to 6 tons. See full product range of Powerite…

Is Powerite webbing okay to be used for outside ?

Powerite webbing is perfect for outdoor use due to its resistance against mould, mildew and rotting and has high UV resistance.

What is furniture webbing manufactured from ?

The furniture webbing range is made from nylon yarns resulting in webbing with a soft touch and more elasticity compare to polyester webbing, whilst still retaining strength

Why should I use polyester webbing to restrain cargo rather than steel ?

Polyester webbing lashings offer high system strengths that are easy to handle and use, provides easy storage after application and is less damaging to cargo and load
surface. The soft to the touch webbings provide a safe working environment for attaching hardware as well as tensioning the tie down straps. The low elongation factor,
especially in heavy duty industrial webbing, allows for limited load movement and settling during transit.

How do I display corporate identity with your webbing ?

Webbing Products offers printing on a wide range of webbings, including but not limited to tie down, safety and lifting webbing. Printing options can be tailored according to
specific customer requirements – company name, logo, corporate colours, etc.


Military Webbing

Do you supply webbing for the use in military tents ?

Webbing Products have a standard range of military tent webbings made from high tenacity yarns providing excellent UV stability under extreme conditions.

Why is the webbing construction different in tent webbings ?

One of the key features of the webbing construction is the ability to repel water, sun and general weather conditions.

I am looking for bulk webbings for parachute belts ?

Webbing Products manufactures webbings with a tight weave density that supports high strength capabilities while providing comfort and cosmetic appeal. Subjected to
daily abrasion during training activities and combat, the belt webbings are vigorously tested to exceed general standards and ideal for use as parachute belts.
Request a sample from our range …

Can the webbing withstand harsh conditions ?

Webbings predominately used in the military, marine and air force need to perform under any conditions. As trusted suppliers, Webbing Products military webbings exceed the standard requirements ensuring full compliance with specification. Webbings are provided in various colours with light fast and UV properties.

Are your webbings made to military specifications ?

Webbings must comply with the latest standards and specifications whilst providing confidence to the wearer, especially under extreme conditions. Webbing Products have
developed highly sought after applications for the military and related industries and provide high quality webbing, excellent customer service and reliability. Each product is
designed exactly to the relevant specifications, mandatory legislation and end user application of the product.

What special features will your military webbing provide ?

• Superior water, wind and environmental resistance
• Resistant to mildew and mould
• Resistant to most chemicals
• Low stretch and shrinkage
• High abrasion resistance
• High tensile strength
• Colour and light fastness capabilities
• Quick drying
• Strict specification compliance


Cure Wrap Tapes

Can I re-use curing tape ?

Yes , the curing tapes made by Webbing Products can be used many times over with the same consistent properties of  supreme strength and shrinkage as a new wrapping
tape, without compromise.  Contact us for free samples to trial.

Is cure wrap tape the same as vulcanisation tape ?

Yes cure wrap tape and vulcanisation tape or vulcanisation wrapping tape or curing tape are all the same product. Webbing Products manufactures high performance cure wrap
tapes used for the curing of rubber hoses and rollers during vulcanization as well as for various other curing and wrapping applications

What material is cure wrapping tape made of ?

Webbing Products wrap tapes are made to exacting standards using the latest high tenacity polyamide (nylon) 66 yarns.


Seatbelt Webbing

Is your seat belt webbing accredited ?

Webbing Products is accredited to the following quality management systems: ISO9001:2008,

Annual audits are conducted to ensure system compliance and in-house laboratory testing regulates product batches prior to despatch.

Can you provide webbing data sheets for seatbelt ?

Yes they are available on request. Please contact :

Do you supply certificates of conformity for your seat belt webbing ?

Yes we do supply certificate of analysis with results that include :

  • Tensile strength
  • Elongation
  • Width
  • Thickness
  • Weight
  • Flammability
  • Abrasion
  • Rub fastness
  • Colour test

How often is the seatbelt webbing tested ?

Seat belt webbing is tested by batch.

What are the properties of seatbelt webbing ?

Seatbelt webbing is made from high tenacity polyester yarns.  The strength, lightweight material and limited stretch makes it ideal for automotive seatbelt use. The webbing
will not shrink and is resistant to fading, mould and mildew.