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Superior lifting solutions ...
safety is our number one priority
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Tie down


Specialists in cargo securement solutions …
meeting global standards
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Specialised webbing for
military applications
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Exceptional safety features
in seatbelt webbing
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harness webbing

A leader in safety harness
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wrap tapes

Supreme quality curing tapes made
to exacting standards
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For peace of mind
demand Powerite


Webbing Product Quality Policy Statement

It is our intention to be the market leaders in the field of narrow fabrics, by producing products that meet the requirements of our customers.

This will be achieved by:

Maintaining and improving our image and reputation of striving for technical excellence in the products and services supplied to our customers.
Promoting customer confidence.
Eliminating errors, scrap and rework.
Being assessed and certified by an accreditation authority, and hence comply with demands from customers and international markets.
Eliminate possible environmental risks thereby ensuring the company complies with all statutory and regulatory requirements during the manufacturing process.
To clearly define, communicate and understand the requirements of our customers and to meet such requirements right the first time.
As a group we are committed to these policies and procedures as laid down in the Quality manual.

The Quality manager has the authority to stop production in the event of non conformance.

Standard Test Methods


Test Test Method Used
Drop Down Test Tower for protective equipment – Energy Absorbers South African National Standard:
SANS 50355:2003 EN 355:2002
SABS EN 364: 1992
Colour Fastness to Rubbing SANS 105 – X 12
Test for colour fastness to light XENON ARC SANS 105- B02
Combustibility: Determination of burning behaviour of interior materials ISO 3795
Flammability FAR 25.853 (b-2) App. F (e)
Federal motor vehicle safety standards(FMVSS) 302
Tensile Strength using the strip method SANS 13934-1:1999
Elongation SANS 13934-1:1999
Determination of single end breaking strength and elongation at Break ISO 2062:1993
Conditioning by Abrasion SANS 1080: 2002
Construction analysis: examination of structure, weave diagram, yarn type ISO 7211-1: 1984
Threads per unit
Yarn count
ISO 7211-2:1994
ISO 2060 : 1994
Determination of Bending Stiffness DIN 53864
ASTM D 747
Fall Arrest Systems: Dynamic Test for Lanyards AS/NZS.1891.1:2007


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