Meters Produced

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Superior lifting solutions ...
safety is our number one priority
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Tie down


Specialists in cargo securement solutions …
meeting global standards
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Specialised webbing for
military applications
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Exceptional safety features
in seatbelt webbing
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harness webbing

A leader in safety harness
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wrap tapes

Supreme quality curing tapes made
to exacting standards
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For peace of mind
demand Powerite


Webbing Products forms part of the SA Bias Group of companies.

Our partners…

Narrowtex is South Africa’s sole manufacturer and leading supplier of automotive restraint webbing. Product is supplied to Original Equipment Manufacturers and aftermarket providers servicing the aviation industry.

Original Equipment Manufacturers

South African produced motor vehicles using Narrowtex seatbelt webbing include….

• Mercedes Benz
• Volkswagen
• Toyota
• General Motors
• Ford
• Nissan

Seatbelt webbing is manufactured to stringent quality assurance standards and comply with Global specifications.

Please click here to go to the Narrowtex
website: Narrowtex

National Braiding Industries is a leading manufacturer of high quality industrial cords and ropes.

NBI offer an extensive range of braided, twisted and knit/braided cords and ropes for a diverse range of industries including:

• Footwear – Shoelaces and Mocassin thread
• Clothing Cords
• Furniture – Piping Cords
• Blinds – Blind Cords
• Garage Door Braid
• Liquor – Decorative Trims and Braids
• Parachute Cords
• Tent Cords
• Height Safety and Rescue Ropes

NBI’s primary markets are Southern Africa and Australasia.

Please click here to go to the National Braiding
Industries website: National Braiding Industries

Long established track record, partnering with many of the world’s most respected retailers.

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Trimmings and Labels website: ITL

Flowmax Limited is an industrial holding company operating in the fluid handling markets of the United Kingdom and Europe.

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website: Flowmax

ACM has become a significant supplier in South Africa of a comprehensive range of elastic and rigid narrow fabrics and other components suitable for the lingerie, foundation garment and apparel manufacturing industry.

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Components website: Apparel Components