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About Us

WEBBING PRODUCTS is the South African leader in the manufacture of light to heavy industrial webbing. Our comprehensive range is manufactured to stringent local and international specifications.

Our ability to manufacture a diverse range of webbings in widths varying from 5mm to 360mm has secured our continued success in this industry. Our range consists of lifting webbings, tie-down or lashing webbings, military and tent webbings, electrical conductive tapes, safety harness webbings, motor vehicle safety restraint webbings, nylon curewrap tapes and a diversified range of other webbings.

The company forms part of the Narrowtex Group, a division of the SA Bias Industries (Pty) Ltd. group of companies. SA Bias Industries is an international holding company with interests in South Africa, United Kingdom, Canada, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Turkey, China, India, Australia and Mexico. Webbing Products prides itself on the development and training of both technical and managerial staff on an ongoing basis, together with the continued goal of achieving product quality performance and re-engineering to match customer specifications.

Being a global supplier of industrial webbings, the company has a number of established international agents and distribution centres to provide an immediate response to our customers requests.

Our factory is located in the beautiful coastal city of Port Elizabeth in South Africa with easy access to all four major transport systems.