Fall arrest systems demand that for every product used in making up the harness is made to exact specifications and to safety regulations. The webbing in any fall arrest system is a key element manufactured by Webbing Products.

Safety harnesses demand webbing that is properly woven with the ability to slide through hardware without snagging. The webbing used should meet stringent tensile strength requirements and endure traditional abrasion tests without fraying and puckering. Safety harnesses are commonly exposed to high ultra violet rays and extreme weather conditions over prolonged periods of time. As such, the webbing used should be able to withstand these effects and in certain mining applications provide a resistance to electrical conductivity.

Key Features

The key features of the safety harness webbing in fall arrest systems by Webbing Products includes:
• Freedom of movement when harness is worn
• Exceeds local and international standards
• Tightly woven to slide through hardware without snagging
• High abrasion resistance
• Exceptional UV properties
• Superior quality product

To find out more information on the webbing in fall arrest systems contact us at Webbing Products on +27 41 484 5483 or visit our website at www.webbing.co.za to access our full range with specifications.

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