Any component used for personal protection needs to meet stringent safety regulations and specifications. Safety harnesses demand webbing that is properly woven with the ability to slide through hardware without snagging. The webbing used should meet stringent tensile strength requirements and endure traditional abrasion tests without fraying and puckering. Safety harnesses are commonly exposed to high ultra violet rays and extreme weather conditions over prolonged periods of time. As such, the webbing used should be able to withstand these effects and in certain mining applications provide a resistance to electrical conductivity.

Webbing Products have the expertise, knowledge and years of production experience to produce safety harness webbing that portrays the correct quality superiority in every feature required.

The key features of the safety harness webbing manufactured by Webbing Products :
• Freedom of movement when harness is worn
• Exceeds local and international standards
• Tightly woven to slide through hardware without snagging
• High abrasion resistance
• Exceptional UV properties
• Superior quality product

In addition to safety harness webbing, Webbing Products produce a wide range of other types of webbing used for various applications including military use, rubber hose vulcanisation, lifting applications, etc. Full information can be found on our website .

To discuss your requirements for safety harness webbing in further detail, please call us on (+27 41 484 5482). We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you further. If you prefer, you can email us at and request any further information or request a quote, sample or catalogue.

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