Webbing products specialises in producing load securement webbing that is used in the manufacture of heavy lifting slings and tie downs.

Loads that are secured properly arrive at their destination safely without any damage to the cargo or vehicle. The use of load securement webbings, in tie downs or as lashing with buckles and ratchets, provide cargo with a firm stable hold that allows for load settling during transit, ensuring load securement during the entire transportation and warehousing process. The soft, pliable webbing is as strong as steel, is perfect for unevenly shaped objects and does not damage the cargo nor the vehicle.

Our patented Powerite webbing has proven to be a fantastic success with our clients and we are their number one choice when they require load securement webbing. The webbing includes a wide range from breaking strength of 500kg through to 5-6 tonnes in a variety of widths as well. Therefore no matter the application, we are able to provide the ideal webbing for load securement, thus ensuring that the cargo reaches their destination in the same form as they left.

You can call us on (+27) 41 4845483 if you have any questions about the load securement tie down webbings. Our team will be more than happy to help.