Seatbelts in vehicles are without question one of the most important safety measures available to the driver and passengers of the automobile. Webbing Products is a well recognised leader as an automotive seatbelt manufacturer for superior quality, strict specification adherence and excellent safety standards, globally.

From years of experience of producing seatbelt webbing, we have designed seatbelt webbing that’s not only comfortable to use but also meets with all of the safety attributes you would expect from a seatbelt. All seatbelts we manufactured to the vehicle manufacturers’ strict safety requirements.

Every batch of automotive seatbelt manufactured is tested for conformance to product specification and complete test certificates are supplied with every batch of seatbelt webbing supplied as is expected from one of the worlds top automotive seatbelt manufacturers.

Still unsure of whether we’re the perfect automotive seatbelt manufacturers for you? On our website you can request a free sample by clicking HERE. Once received we will send you a sample so you can run trials and tests to see for yourself the superior quality.

Would you like a quote for the seatbelt webbing you require? If so, then please contact us and our sales team will be more than happy to assist you further.