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Superior lifting solutions ...
safety is our number one priority
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Tie down


Specialists in cargo securement solutions …
meeting global standards
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Specialised webbing for
military applications
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Exceptional safety features
in seatbelt webbing
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harness webbing

A leader in safety harness
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wrap tapes

Supreme quality curing tapes made
to exacting standards
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For peace of mind
demand Powerite

Welcome to Webbing Products

Webbing Products is an Internationally recognized leader in the manufacture of superior quality light
to heavy industrial webbings.
The product range includes a comprehensive variety of webbing solutions:

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Tie Down Webbing

Specialists in cargo securement solutions including the low elongation Powerite® range of superior quality tie down webbings, meeting international standards for…

- Light weight tie down webbing
- Industrial tie down webbing
- Powerite® Webbing
- Furniture webbing
- Hardware

Lifting Webbing

Superior lifting solutions, where safety is the number one priority, every metre of webbing produced is put through rigorous testing to ensure specification compliance…

- Simplex webbing
- Duplex webbing
- Coarse tubular webbing
- Standard tubular webbing

Cure Wrap Tapes

Supreme curing tapes made to exacting standards, using premium quality high tenacity polyamide, providing tapes capable of withstanding multiple vulcanizing cycles, without compromising tape performance.

Safety Webbing

A leader in safety harness webbings, Webbing Products, key product line offers

- Safety harness webbing
- Tear webbing

Seatbelt Webbing

Seatbelt webbing is manufactured from high tenacity polyester to provide exceptional safety product features.

Custom Design Webbing

The company offers a vast product range of custom designed products to meet individual customer requirements.